Mobile Room Disinfection Cart Unit for Hospital and Factory

FY 120W-220W Mobile Trolley Cart UV+Ozone Disinfection Lamp Stainless Steel Trolley with Infrared Sensor

FY 120W-220W Mobile Trolley Cart UV+Ozone Disinfection Lamp Stainless Steel Trolley with Infrared Sensor
FY-30FSI/ 50FSI (Four Tube Stainless Steel UV Lamp Trolley with Sensor) UV Room sterilizer FY-30FSI/ 50FSI,has 4 pieces of 30 watts/ 55watts UV lamps, emits a high intensity of ultraviolet light to the surface of the room, it can quickly and effectively sterilize all surfaces and air in a few minutes. Equipped with a timer of 0-1440 minutes, it is simpler and safer to use. The sterilizer is not only suitable for hospitals, but also widely used in schools, hotels, clinics, homes, cinemas, food manufacturing companies and offices.

Usage Instruction
1.Install the base with location hole and reed.
2.Open the protection door.
3.Lift the lamp arm and adjust to 90,135,190 degrees.
4.Insert the plug and press ‘ON’ button ,adjust 0-120mins timer.
5.Leave the room right now.
6.After finishing sterilization,press ‘OFF’ button.
7.Adjust timer to ‘OFF’.
8.Hold down the ‘adjustable button 3’ to adjust lamp arm to the box .
9.Close the protection door.

New Product News: Updated MRS Mobile Room Disinfection Unit

American Ultraviolet MRS3684P

American Ultraviolet has offered a mobile UV disinfection cart unit for around 20 years. Prior to the current Ebola virus concerns, people were still concerned with more common issues like mold growth, bacterial contamination of work surfaces and food preparation area and general disinfection of air and surfaces. As such, American Ultraviolet developed the original MRS3684P model to offer the benefits of direct UVC disinfection in a mobile device that could be wheeled from room to room and easily transported to different locations. Until recently, this original model looked like this.

The result is a much sturdier, more reliable basic unit appropriate for most non-healthcare applications in commercial and industrial applications. At less than 10% of the cost of many of the high-end options available on the market, this is an ideal option for schools, office buildings, mold remediation, day cares and other applications where in room surface and air treatment is desired and hard-mounted permanent fixtures are undesirable or impractical.

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